Name That Tune

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Douglas was hired by Adam Steck (CEO of SPI Entertainment) to be the creative director of this iconic game show that ran at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas.

Working with Adam Steck and Alex Schechter (SPI Entertainment) and Ralph and Noah Rubenstein (owners of the brand Name That Tune), Douglas helped create a new and updated live stage version of the classic TV game show. He worked closely with Tim Clothier of Illusion Projects and his design team to develop the look of the props used in the various rounds. The dry erase boards were created to so contestants had the ability to write down their answers to questions, yet were easy enough and sturdy enough to be reset almost immediately after the show was over. Douglas created the concept of the Giant LED Mash-Up board that flew in every show to reveal the correct answers to the daily mash-ups. He used LED message boards, since this technology is easy to change daily, as the answers are different everyday.

Douglas helped create the final round, Conquer the Clock, where the contestants had to correctly guess the name of 15 songs in one minute and art directed the final look of the clock. He worked with Zowie Bowie and Marley Taylor to hone their hosting skills and helped them with their staging and interacting with the contestants (members of the audience).

Designing the lighting for the show, Douglas created a variety of looks for the equalizer set piece and general lighting, so the set and lighting changed for what was happening specifically in each round on stage.

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