NBC’s America’s Got Talent

Project 32 of 35
Douglas was hired by magician Murray to be his magic / creative consultant for the final three illusions that he performed on America’s Got Talent.
The illusions were the Appearing Ferrari, Tiger Transformation, and Train Vanish.

For the Appearing Ferrari, Douglas ran the rehearsals for Murray, coordinating the stage technicians who were responsible for the behind the scene secrets of the appearing car, while working with the dancers on blocking and staging during the illusion. Douglas also acted as the production manager / technical director on site working with the lighting designer on the specific lighting needed for the illusion and ran the technical rehearsals in the theater.

For the Tiger Transformation, Douglas worked directly with the tiger handlers from Predators in Action to make sure the tiger was treated well and was comfortable 100% of the time, while making sure the female assistant in the illusion was safe as well. Douglas worked with the America’s Got Talent choreographer to coordinate Murray’s movements during the illusion, and also worked with the female dancers to making sure focus was directed to key places throughout the routine.

For the Train Vanish, he worked with Murray from concept to completion of this mega-illusion, vanishing a 1918 steam locomotive. Douglas collaborated with Don Wayne and Murray on location in the CBS parking lot to develop the actual new method on how to make the train disappear. Douglas also helped develop and supervise the close-up effect that Murray performed at the start of this routine. Working with the AGT team of directors and cameramen, Douglas insured that the illusion was filmed correctly for the show, meaning that key camera angles were included to maximize the impact of this illusion. Also, he worked with Murray to develop the speech he gave during the illusion and also helped Murray select his wardrobe for this illusion.

Douglas was on set supervising all three illusions for the actual live taping.