The Jadagrace Show

Project 31 of 35
Douglas was hired by Executive Producer Joseph Merhi to be the magic consultant on three episodes for a new kids show starring Jadagrace.

On the first episode, A Tiger’s Tale, Douglas supervised the construction of a new “lions bride” illusion, where Murray the Magician would turn Jadagrace into a tiger. Working directly with the tiger handlers from Predators in Action, Douglas made sure the tiger was treated well and was comfortable 100% of the time. He also developed and supervised some smaller hand tricks that were performed by Murray for this episode as well.

The second episode, She Drives Me Crazy, revolved around a talking parrot that Murray was using in his magic show. For the finale of the episode, Douglas worked with Murray on the routining and staging of the gilded cage illusion (where a parrot gets placed into a cage and magically turns into Jadagrace and one of her co-stars Ashley). Douglas also supervised Murray and Jadagrace on the routining and staging of three additional illusions (modern art, dollhouse, and metamorphosis) that were used as commercial bumpers.

For a bonus scene, Douglas worked with Murray during pre-production to develop the sequence and figure out how to magically make a multitude of objects, ranging in size from small to big, continuously come out of Murray’s jacket. The security guard in the scene, played by Kevin Farley, was to stop Murray from entering the studio lot, because his name was not on the list. As Murray looks for his identification in his jacket, a ton of objects get pulled out before he finally finds his identification. As you will see by the attached photos, Douglas was strategically laying on the ground, just out of frame of the camera, so he could secretly load the objects into Murray’s jacket. This method was developed so the scene could be shot in one continuous take. This saved the production company money, as they did not have to put the objects in digitally later in post-production, which would have been very costly.

For all threes episodes, Douglas worked with Murray and the director on set to block and stage the illusions, while also figuring out the best camera angles and making sure the “magic shot” always looked great.