Magic Consultant

The Jacksons

“I appreciated your professionalism. It’s a pleasure to have worked with you. Thank you for your support and help in putting this show together.”

Marlon Jackson, one of the original Jackson brothers

The Jacksons

Having had the pleasure and honor to perform for Michael Jackson at his Neverland Ranch, it was a thrill to work with his four brothers, Tito, Jackie, Marlon, and Jermaine, on their limited engagement residency at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

The goal was to create two magical illusions, that would help increase the production value of their touring show from the last year and a half.

Murray SawChuck

“If I didn’t have Douglas onboard with me during my successful run on America’s Got Talent – I wouldn’t have gotten past the 1st round! Thanks to him I became a finalist seen by 22 million people and am now starring in my own show in Las Vegas!”

Murray, star of Laugh Factory presents MURRAY: CELEBRITY MAGICIAN, The NEW Tropicana Las Vegas

Douglas has been “behind the scenes” as Murray’s magic consultant since his break out TV role on the first season of Reno 911 on Comedy Central. Since then, Murray has trusted Doug’s magic eye to make sure the effects he performers looks perfect for the TV audience at home. Douglas has been on the other side of the camera for all of Murray’s episodes on the History Channel’s Pawn Stars, Top Gear, America’s Got Talent, and The Jadagrace show. Below is an in-depth look at the work that Douglas did for Murray on his extremely successful journey on NBC’s America Got Talent and a new Saturday morning kids series entitled, “The Jadagrace Show.”

NBC’s America’s Got Talent

The Jadagrace Show

Steve Wyrick

“Doug possesses the inherent ability to maintain my creative vision and style throughout the building, rehearsal, and execution of any of my mega-stunts for television, without losing focus on the pulse of the magic. He has a work ethic that is quite simply, unsurpassed by any other magic consultant in our industry.”

Steve Wyrick, Las Vegas headliner

Over the last 5 years Douglas has had the pleasure to be a magic consultant on some of Steve Wyrick’s biggest live stage shows and also on some of his incredible magic mega illusions and stunts for television. Here is a list of some of the projects.

Steve Wyrick – Real Magic, Planet Hollywood
Steve Wyrick – Ultra Magician, Las Vegas Hilton

2010 Ford Mustang Unleashed – “Spellbinder”
American Chopper – Steve Wyrick & ICEE Bike
That’s Impossible, Invisibility Cloaks 3 – History Channel
For more information on Steve Wyrick, be sure to check out and Steve Wyrick on YouTube.

Jarrett & Raja

Jarrett & Raja

“Doug Leferovich has worked for our act in a number of capacities at various venues. Doug is a great creative talent who has a great eye. His input is always a valuable objective point of view and over many years has substantially helped us deliver a better stage performance. Doug’s a versatile asset to any production!”

Jarrett & Raja, America’s Got Talent

Jarrett & Raja

Jarrett & Raja

It has given Douglas great enjoyment over the years to wear many hats while working with Jarrett & Raja.

His range of responsibilities has gone from director to lighting designer to magic consultant to videographer, all for their live show, as well as video editor for their new sizzle reel.

Chris “Scandal” Randall

Chris 'Scandal' Randall

“Douglas Leferovich’s attention to detail is unmatched, making sure every detail is always covered. He is very creative and artistic, while constantly bringing fresh ideas to all the projects he touches. If you would like to breathe easy as I do… then do yourself a favor, and hire Doug.”

Chris “Scandal” Randall, , featured comedy/magic guest act in various shows on the Las Vegas Strip

Chris Randall

Chris “Scandal” Randall

It is a great feeling when you gain the trust of a fellow artist.

Douglas has been fortunate enough to work on a couple of key pieces of promotional material for Chris over the last couple of years.