Jarrett & Raja

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How do you tell a story in one picture? To convey the relationship two characters have on stage in a single image? This was the challenge Douglas faced when Jarrett & Raja hired him to help art director their newest photo shoot. For this project, Jarrett & Raja called on photographer to the magic stars Richard Faverty of Beckett Studios. Richard is not only an expert photographer, but is a magician himself when it comes to using photoshop to create an impossible magic photo. Douglas tried to incorporate some key factors into each photo. In a modern twist on the classic sawing in half photo, Douglas wanted Jarrett and Raja to clearly represent who their characters were on stage, as well as their relationship to each other. Raja, laying on top of the piano is cut in half, while Jarrett holds an oversized chain saw, as he can clearly cut his partner in half. Raja is the musician and Jarrett is the magician, and they relationship is what that is very Spy vs. Spy and whimsical. The second promotional photo was a unique take on the magician making a girl float. Jarrett is the magician making the beautiful assistant float, while Raja is at a tiny piano, with sheet music all over the floor, while a single finger of his seemly holds the girl in the air. Once again, each characters roles is clear, and so is their relationship to each other.

Jarrett & Raja – Art Direct Photo Shoot

Jarrett & Raja - Art Direct Photo Shoot

Jarrett & Raja – Video Editing

Douglas was brought on after working with Jarrett & Raja on the America’s Got Talent Live show at the Palazzo in Las Vegas, to create a new promotional video. There were multiple goals for this new sizzle reel. First, Douglas wanted to establish Jarrett & Raja’s international appeal. This was accomplished with custom graphics and text of various cites around the world to newspaper clippings and press from all of their international performances. Then Douglas incorporated footage from various high profile television appearances here in the US as well as in Europe and Asia. The video showcases some of the duos large scale illusions, as well as Raja’s incredible piano playing skills, as this act is a true combination of magic and music.