Chris “Scandal” Randall

Project 13 of 35

Art Director Photo Shooot / Ad Layout

Chris Randall, hired Douglas in collaboration with Richard Faverty of Beckett Studios, to help create a dynamic ad for Magic Magazine for his hit product, “Inception.” Inception features a new handling, routining, and method for the classic signed bill in lemon routine. The goal of the photo shoot was to portray Chris in a cool and hip light, while playing off the iconic lemonade stand that you see kids on their front lawns behind. Douglas worked closely with Richard Faverty, both while he was taking the photos and in post-production for the final ad layout for the magazine. Douglas focused on little details like helping make the lemonade stand look more like a kid built it by building a cardboard facade, to helping with the wording and placement of elements in the in the final ad. Here is the final ad layout, as well as some behind the scene photos.

Magic and Comedy Sizzle Reel

Douglas was given the very tough task of creating a new sizzle reel for Chris “Sandal” Randal. What was the biggest challenge was to include a diverse amount of material, as well as something that could get Chris booked at a comedy club, hosting a topless revue, being a featured show on a cruise ship, to headlining a magic production. Hundreds of hours of footage had to be viewed and narrowed down to create the final two-minute promo tape. Another key element was not only to feature Chris’ incredible magic and sleight of hand, but also to showcase Chris’ ability to talk on the microphone and interact with an audience. Also, graphic slides were created from scratch for the opening and closing sequences, as well a series of casino, theater, television shows, and cruise ship slides to act as a visual resume of places Chris has performed around the world.

Award Winning Manipulation Act

Chris is a World Champion magician. One of his specialties is manipulation. Chris wanted a new video that showcased his award winning manipulation act. He has taken classic magic tricks and remixed them to give them an updated feel. This video was edited together to garner new work in cabarets throughout Europe as well as variety shows on the Las Vegas Strip.