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2016 Merlin Award – Best Sleight of Hand Artist

Crazy Girls - Featured Performer

After 30 years, America’s longest running burlesque show is clearly a permanent fixture on the Las Vegas Strip. Crazy Girls is the ultra-sultry show that has entertained millions of audience members by constantly pushing the envelope night after night, from the creative mind of producer Norbert Aleman. Brand new heart-thumping routines are introduced ranging from topless contemporary boot-stomping pole dance numbers to bawdy, burlesque classics. Dazzling costumes adorn each girl from Parisian-influenced topless outfits to black leather and spiked heels.

These stunningly talented performers love to go out into the audience and interact with the crowd, so don’t be surprised if you end up being part of the show. If you haven’t seen these beautiful dancers yet then get ready for a Crazy good time.

When the girls go backstage to change out of one of their tiny costumes to put on a different tiny costume, Douglas LEFTY Leferovich (the fill in for regular host, Dani Elizabeth) comes out to tells jokes and stories and later shares his award winning sleight of hand magic and comedic audience participation routine. The always controversial and provocative; Crazy Girls is a must see show for both men and women now only at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

Late Night Magic

FANTASY-Topless Show

Lefty- RJ

LV Sun

Masters of Illusion Footage – Lefty: Paper Balls Over the Head

Masters of Illusion Footage – Lefty: Card Manipulation

Valley View Live – Part 1: Performer / Magic Consultant

As guest co-host on VVL, Douglas LEFTY Leferovich talks about his character LEFTY in the MURRAY: Celebrity Magician show at Planet Hollywood and also discusses what it means to be a magic consultant, and the magician he has consulted for around the world.

Valley View Live – Part 2: Creative Director

As guest co-host on VVL, Douglas LEFTY Leferovich explains what it means to be a creative director, talks about some shows he has worked on in Vegas, and shares a great behind the scenes story about “standing in” for Wayne Newton days before his show opened at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino.

Valley View Live – Part 3: Split Deck Card Trick

As guest co-host on VVL, Douglas LEFTY Leferovich shows Dao and Rikki one of the first card tricks his dad showed him with two jumbo decks of cards. In the end, this card trick turns out to be a perfect match.

Valley View Live – Part 4: Jumping Aces

As guest co-host on VVL, Douglas LEFTY Leferovich closes out the hour long show by performing his version of the Jumping Aces with host Dao. Don’t Blink or you will miss it!