America’s Got Talent Live!

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Douglas was hired by Jarrett & Raja as a magic / creative consultant for their featured spots in the America’s Got Talent Live! show at the Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. Initially, Douglas was brought in to lend his “magic eye” and magic knowledge for Jarrett & Raja’s three segments in the show. After watching rehearsals in the theater, Douglas worked with the duo to creative more exciting and dramatic lighting looks for their “grand piano vanish” sequence. Utilizing the state of the art lighting which included two Showgun lights on the deck, Douglas was able to work with the house lighting programmer to track the piano when it was lifted into the air, and then make a dramatic change when the box exploded to reveal that Raja and the piano had disappeared, followed by a full automated light sweep to the middle of the audience where Raja appeared playing the piano.

Douglas also worked with the duo on their final bow and pose at the end of the vanishing piano sequence to give it that extra punch it needed. In their final appearance in the show, Jarrett & Raja performed “populate” where they made the entire AGT cast from the live show appear in an empty box. For the opening sequence of “populate,” Douglas worked with Jarrett on his handling of magically changing a yellow balloon into a full bottle of champagne.

“Populate” – Appearing Orchestra

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