Project 8 of 35
SOUNDTRACK – Your Songs. Our Stories. The Show – Douglas was hired by Earl Turner to create the show logo for Soundtrack, the new show starring Clint Holmes and Earl Turner in the International Theater at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.

Working directly with Earl Turner and Clint Holmes, along with their creative team, the goal was to create a show logo that was not “retro,” but rather had a cool, hip, and modern feel, which looked like movie title logo. Also, the original tagline for the show was, “Feel the Music” which did not directly explain to the customer buying a ticket to the show, the talent and true entertainers that Clint and Earl are. Besides being incredible singers, one of their strengths is storytelling. Telling stories about how they started in music, the influence their family had on their music, and how music affects every aspect of their lives. Trying to encompass these elements for a show that is the musical journey of our lives, the new tagline that I created was, “The Songs. The Stories. The Songs.” Eventually, working with Laura Ishum and the creative team at the Westgate, the final tagline line was, “Your Songs. Our Stories. The Show.”

The first part of creating the logo for Soundtrack was to break the one word up by having the word “Sound” in a bold font and then having the word “Track” in italics. Since the show is musically based, when the customer would see the word Soundtrack, the word “Sound” would stand out since it was bold. Then an easily read font was picked. Earl wanted to the letters to have a gold 3D quality to them as well. To make sure the logo was not “retro” and had a hip and modern feel some light flares where added to the top with the stars’ names were and at the bottom were the tagline was. Different backgrounds were looked at, but ultimately to make the logo “pop” the logo and tagline were put on a black background.

Finally, since there was not enough time to organize a photo shoot with Clint and Earl before the show opened, Clint sent me a photo he liked of himself on stage during a live show, and then I found a photo of Earl on stage, with similar energy that would work next to Clint’s photo. With the magic of Photoshop, I combined the two photos onto one plain, adjusted colors and light to make it appear that Clint and Earl were on stage together at the same time.

Clint Holmes & Earl Turner“I like the sleek designs you’ve created. And I also like your tagline that ends with, ‘The Show.’ You did a great job Doug! The options and refinement you went thru to get us here are very much appreciated. Thanks for the care you’ve taken with our project.”

Clint Holmes / Star of Soundtrack at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino


“This is exactly what I was talking about! Love the gold logo! And I do love the exaggerated 3D, as it’s really gives the logo a larger than life look. It looks like a movie title! You are a very talented graphic designer and what you created has the feel that is the perfect ‘look’ for our show logo. The logo is exciting, energizing and most importantly, doesn’t feel ‘retro.’ Love your ideas, and appreciate you working so diligently and quickly. Thanks for all your hard work in the creating this logo for the show! WE LOVE IT!”

Earl Turner / Star of Soundtrack at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino