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A founding partner and a creative director of the ultra lounge / restaurant at the Luxor, that featured Celebrity Chef Kerry Simon.

Douglas was instrumental in working with the local marketing / PR team to help develop the final CatHouse logo, layout and design of the teaser and initial billboard and ad campaign (including the idea to use the vintage door handle with the girl in the lingerie in the key hole), and the idea of having a key hole punch out of the partners business cards. He worked closing with the merchandise company to incorporate the design elements of the interior of CatHouse, like the flocked wallpaper pattern, on items like t-shirts.

As a creative director, Douglas had numerous ideas that became part of the signature look that helped brand CatHouse as a unique venue in Las Vegas. He created the idea to add vintage hand mirrors along side of the framed images on the grand staircase. He also created the idea to have a photo booth inside the space so patrons could immediately take home an image from their night out and also helped art design the exterior shell that went over the photo booth.

Douglas created the idea of having a “lingerie window” on the restaurant side of CatHouse. A real girl throughout dinner service hours would “appear” in the lingerie window and would try and various pieces of lingerie, put on her make-up, and get ready for a night out. This became a focal point of the restaurant.

Another responsibility of his was to supervise the construction of vintage looking metal corsets that would be displayed as artifacts on the restaurant side. Douglas also worked with Seth Yudof to create the Coquettes; sexy females that sold a custom line of CatHouse lingerie in the Ultra Lounge and the Coquettes also performed choreographed dance routines while wearing the lingerie they were selling. As a creative director, Douglas supervised and ran many events on the ultra lounge side, but he was most proud of the event for the Nevada Cancer Institute title, “A Late Summer A-Fair.” He hired all the talent for the event (magicians, fortune tells, belly dancers, snake babe, balloon animal sculptor) dealt with the carnival games that were rented, and helped design and installed all the carnival set decorations.

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