Wayne Newton

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Douglas was brought on board by Wayne Newton’s team as a creative consultant for the show that was at the Tropicana Las Vegas, titled “Once Before I Go.”

Douglas conceived the opening and closing of the show, where a full size bus from the 1950’s would drive on stage and a 15 year old Wayne Newton would get off the bus. Then, the 15-year-old boy would visually transform into Wayne Newton today, dressed in his signature tuxedo. The finale of the show would then come full circle, where Wayne would transform back into the 15-year-old boy, but now the boy would have on the signature tuxedo. Douglas helped encourage Wayne to incorporated more stories about his famous friends and colleagues that he had worked with throughout his 50-year career in the show. Many of these stories were accompanied by still photos or video images projected on three screens.

During one of the show’s final dress rehearsals, Wayne sat in the audience taking notes on lighting, video, set transitions, music, etc. while Douglas was on stage in front of his full orchestra “standing in” for the legend himself. It was a rare opportunity to be Wayne Newton, being his “stand in” from the top of the show to the end. A career highlight!

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