Cherry Boom Boom

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Douglas was hired by Lindsley Allen (creator / director / supervising choreographer of CBBTHESHOW, LLC) as a creative consultant and graphic designer for Cherry Boom Boom the show at Hooters Casino Hotel.

Douglas was originally brought on to be the Las Vegas liaison between the Cherry Boom Boom LA creative team and the Admit.VIP team that runs the Night Owl Showroom inside the Hooters Casino Hotel in Las Vegas.

The first phase of the project was to help get set pieces / props built for the show. Douglas connected Lindsley with Sin City Scenic, who bid on the construction of two BARRES set pieces for the stage, and two BARRES tables that would be featured on the upper level in the showroom. The BARRES set pieces were slightly modified from the creator, Lisa Eaton’s original design. Then, worked with both the CBB LA creative team and Sin City Scenic to create fully functional tables that could be broken down for storage after the show, but sturdy enough for girls to dance on as well as swing on the extended BARRES from the top surface.

Phase two was to work with Lindsley and her LA graphics team to create “the look” for the CBB show at Hooters Casino Hotel, that was consistent with their established brand. This included Douglas coming up with the new tagline, “A live, immersive, late night show.” Five marketing print pieces were created, which were graphics for taxi backs, rack cards (on property and for brokers), 22×28 lollipop posters, and 11×17 posters for media night, and promotional trading cards for each girl. Douglas featured the CBB iconic look of the girls in their knee high red boots with the signature CBB logo, along with the newly created tagline, various quotes and reviews, live photos, and well as show days and time, ticketing information, and casino logo.

”Thank you Doug! The BARRES set pieces look fantastic and the tables are absolutely gorgeous, and both add so much to the room. You’ve been very helpful in the process of getting these set pieces and props completed. I like the clean, modern, sexy look of your designs for the rack cards, lollipop posters, and taxi backs. You have been FANTASTIC to work with!”

Lindsley Allen, creator / director / supervising choreographer of Cherry Boom Boom

BARRES Set Pieces

Cherry Boom Boom Barres Set Pieces

Graphic Design

Cherry Boom Boom Graphic Design