Tommy Wind Blvd Theater

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Douglas was hired again as creative director by Tommy Wind and his production team, after his successful run of Impact! at the Clarion Hotel and Casino, for Tommy’s new show that is on the Las Vegas Strip at the Boulevard Theater. As creative director, Douglas continued to develop the theme and over all concept of the show, combining Tommy’s talents as an illusionist and his ability to play a multitude of instruments. Douglas created numerous routines and the staging of various illusions as well as worked with the dancers on choreography and blocking. Working with the house lighting operator, Douglas helped to create individual lighting looks for each major illusion, as well as in-one looks in front of the gold Austrian curtain. Musically, Douglas helped find some DJ sound effects for the “Bumps” illusion, including some custom created DJ record scratch sequences for DJ M-O-M. Along with Tommy and his manager, Douglas was responsible for creating the show flow, blending large-scale illusions with intimate close-up magic, as well as hilarious comedy and martial arts. One area where martial arts plays a major role is in the new “Double Spiker” illusion, which features Tommy’s martial arts sword work as well as his Kung-Fu training.

This version of the show really showcases Tommy playing a multitude of instruments, including an incredible dueling drum sequence with Tommy’s dad, on custom made Spaun Acrylic LED Lighted Kits. Also featured in this one hour production are daring escapes, hilarious comedy routines, beautiful dancers that appear and vanish in the blink of an eye, and Tommy’s family members make a guest appearance having had a long history in family entertainment.

Whether Tommy is showcasing his ability to play a multitude of instruments or performing some mind-blowing sleight of hand magic, this show has something for everyone! Magic, Music, Martial Arts, Mentalism…Tommy Wind is ENTERTAINMENT!

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