Divas Las Vegas

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Douglas was hired by Adam Steck (CEO of SPI Entertainment) and Frank Marino (Star of Divas Las Vegas) to create the set for the show that is currently being performed at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas.

He worked with Frank Marino and Alex Schechter, along with designers from PRG in Las Vegas to create a set for the show. The main goal was to have a second level (riser) that could function as an area for the Divas and / or the male dancer to perform on. The design included RGB LED light tape at the top and bottom of the set piece so it could be illuminated different colors throughout the show.

The biggest challenge was to create an impressive set, that could light up and change color, but the set needed to be set-up and struck every night. Also Douglas helped design and had constructed the DIVAS three-dimensional sign and the letters LIZA for the Liza Minnelli number.

To celebrate the two-year anniversary of the show at the Imperial Palace, Douglas helped design two new set pieces that are giant pink and silver glitter feathers.

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