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Douglas was hired by Mark Bennick to co-write and be creative director of a new topless magic show, REVEALED, that debuted at Feather Falls Casino and Lodge.

Douglas helped create the name and tagline of the show and worked with Mark on the final logo; Revealed: the magic isn’t…the girls are! Working with the choreographer, Douglas helped determine the theme and style of the topless dancers numbers. He also re-worked and re-block Mark’s dove manipulation act, including the elimination of numerous tables on stage by utilizing the topless dancers to assistant Mark with handing and striking various hand props throughout the routine. Douglas developed the show order, selected and edited music for various illusions, and worked with Mark on dialogue and speech intros and outros for certain segments. As creative director, Douglas interfaced with casino technical staff to help creative general lighting looks for all segments of the show.

After the show was complete, Douglas designed the layout and did graphic design work to create the EPK of the show. He also, took footage from the live show and edited together a sizzle reel / promotional commercial for the show.

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