Sapphire Comedy Hour

Project 27 of 35

2016 Best of Las Vegas

Douglas was hired by Brett Feinstein to be creative director / co-producer of the Sapphire Comedy Hour. This show takes place every Friday and Saturday night in the separate 300 seat state-of-the-art showroom, inside the 70,000 square foot Sapphire Gentlemen’s club.From the inception of the show, Douglas worked with Brett to add some “professionalism” to the comedy show. The first show just featured four comedians on stage telling jokes. Douglas came in and built lighting cues that were specific to when the comedians were performing on stage and also when they entered and exited the stage. We, along with Philip Peredo the head honcho of Tickle Me Entertainment, then started to add variety acts (magicians, ventriloquists, jugglers, etc.) to the show, as well as world-renowned burlesque acts. As the production grew in size, Douglas worked with Sapphire’s head technician to create different lighting looks for the variety acts. We then created a logo for the show, which was displayed on the multiple screens around the stage, and we now have the comedian’s names appear on the screens when they first come out. Douglas also decided with Brett that since the comedy show was under the same roof as the gentlemen’s club, we should get some of the gorgeous entertainers next door to walk the comedians out on stage, to add a little extra sex appeal to the show, and to give them a preview of what to expect next door after the show.To promote the show on social media platforms like twitter and facebook, Douglas edited together a 3 minute sizzle reel that featured some of the comedians from past shows. This video has also been used at the top of every show to signify that the live show is about to start.

Douglas also worked with Larry Beard, Brett and Phil to art direct the layout of the Sapphire Comedy Hour logo, rack card, and stanchion top poster.

As a co-producer of the show, sometime you have to wear many hats. There have been a couple of shows over the past 6 months that Douglas has put on his performance hat and performed his card manipulation act in the show as one of the variety acts.

WARNING: The following photos and videos have adult content and should not be viewed by children under the age of 17. The content has adult themes, hard language, and sexually-oriented nudity.

3 Minute Sizzle Reel

Douglas “Lefty” Leferovich performing at the Sapphire Comedy Hour

Douglas “Lefty” Leferovich performing at the Sapphire Comedy Hour<