Project 9 of 35

Douglas was hired by Jennifer Romas (CEO of JRR Enterprises LV) to help with the rebranding of the show to coincide with the two year anniversary, 500th performance, and launch of Summer of Sexxy at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.

Working directly with Jennifer Romas, the rebranding of Sexxy (after a two year run) was based on photos taken by Las Vegas celebrity photographer Shane O’Neal. The two main concepts Jen created was the “glitter look” and then the “character shots.” The glitter look was having silver glitter body paint strategically placed on the girls naked bodies. The shots were to show a sexy, yet in shape and athletic body of the girls in the show.

The character shots were of each girl in a specific costume they wore from the show, and then stripping off a piece of the costume in a series of photos. These photos were used the pre-show slide show, the 11×17 posters sold after the show, and all across social media to promote the show. Four new numbers were added to the show to mark the two year anniversary.

Two major props in the show were refurbished, the signature bathtub (where a new elevated based was built, which included storage and a chance to showcase the gold claw feet on the tub) as well as, the wheel prop which was coated in gold, and had ornate finishes added to represent a chandelier. This prop also had to be re-worked so that the giant wheel had the ability to spin and stop during the routine. New video content was created for the 3 LED video panels above the stage.

A new number called Sexxy Cabaret had a series of images created for it. The number centered around three girls dancing with cabaret chairs and being tied up with purple neckties.
The images for the screens included black and white pictures of men in business suits where their neckties were tinted purple, artistic black and white photos of couples passionately making love, and bondage photos where girls had their hands and arms tied up by purple tinted neckties.

Douglas and Jen“After coming up with a new idea, I looked forward to getting Douglas Leferovich’s feedback, which was always so amazing.

I valued your opinion when it came to the re-branding of Sexxy, how images should look graphically or how the new routines would look on stage. Often, I came to you when I needed an idea that was outside the box to take my show to the next level. Thank you for all your hard work and for making everything perfect down to the smallest detail.

I am truly honored to have worked with you, and your ideas were unbelievable. It makes my heart skip a beat…and I sometimes don’t see the magnitude of this project, until I see the images and graphics you created for my show.

Thank you for helping me bring my vision to life and adding you expertise and ideas to the newest version of my show Sexxy. And for the record…all your ideas are always great!”

Jennifer Romas, Creator/ Producer / Star of SEXXY at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino