Boyz II Men – Residency at the Mirage

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Douglas was hired by Adam Steck (CEO of SPI Entertainment) to be a creative consultant for the residency of Boyz II Men at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Working with Adam Steck and Alex Schechter (SPI Entertainment), Joe Mulvihill (manager of Boyz II Men and CEO of LIveWire Entertainment), and Brooke Payne (show director / choreographer) the collective goal was to increase the production value of this already incredible show. The first phase focused on re-lighting the show. We added multiple lighting cues to each song, and really tried to create both intimate moments where just the three guys were lit on stage, to big and over the top moments like during the Motown section or at the end of the show for Motown Philly. Being that this show is staged in the Terry Fator room at the Mirage, Douglas utilized the LED frames around the video screens, which is the theater’s set, along with all their moving lighting to create the new lighting looks for the show. Worked with Alex, Joe, and Brooke to decide to close the mid-stage curtain for when the guys sing 4 part harmony, while sitting on cardboard boxes and a park bench with an overhead street lamp. By closing the curtain, the goal was to create an intimate feel, and also hide the band so that the audience would focus just on the guy’s voices. Douglas helped give creative input to Joe and his team for the opening video and the video breaks that happen in the show, which allow the guys to leave the stage to change outfits. One key idea was instead of having the band play one of Boyz II Men hit songs, a video now plays of the guys talking about what Motown means to them, and the Motown artists that have influenced their career, while they are off stage changing outfits. Then when the guys return to the stage, the Motown section starts right away with an upbeat Motown classic.

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