Impressions That Rock

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Douglas was hired by Adam Steck (CEO of SPI Entertainment) as a creative consultant, lighting designer, set designer and to supervise the construction of the set, and also be the on site production manager until the show opened.

This show was at the Shimmer Cabaret at the Las Vegas Hilton casino in Las Vegas (now it is the LVH casino). Working with director David Taylor, Douglas helped create new show ideas, as Greg wanted to give this version a more rock and roll feel compared to the previous version of the show. David and Alex Schechter (SPI Entertainment) were involved with Douglas lighting all the various scenes of the show.

Douglas designed light up band riser that either a band member could use or the dancers and Greg could use as a second level. Douglas also worked with the costume designer to create sexier looking costumes and he worked with the choreographer to update the girls dance numbers, whether as back up dancers on stage with Greg or doing full out dance numbers on their own.

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