SEXXY – A Topless Revue

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We decided to play on the typical “bad student” scenario, where students would have to stay after school and write repeatedly on the chalkboard what they did wrong. Each of the 3 LED video panels became its own chalkboard with something funny and naughty written on them. One scene starts with images of candles on the video panels and then as the routine heats up, the images transition from candles to fire and flames.

Some of the original images needed to be changed in size, format and resolution, as well as, some of the images were custom created to fit the LED video panels. For example, during the cowgirl number titled, “Pony” there is a custom image on the center video panel that is pieces of wood with the words SEXXY SALOON branded into the wood.

At the end of the show, as each dancer takes their final bow as their name is called, simultaneously on the video panel above where they are bowing, their name flies in on the screen.

“Doug Leferovich is without a doubt one of the best in the biz. Not only is he a great friend and a brilliant performer but his talents go far beyond this. Doug helped me to take my show SEXXY to the next level. His vision, advice, and expertise in every situation I ever consulted with him on has been a success and true pleasure. I often get overwhelmed and I have a lot on my plate as a first time producer and director, so sometimes it’s difficult for me to “get what’s in my head creatively” out technically. He truly took the time to learn about me and how I work and researched the technical side of what he was working with and MOST OF ALL…. he listened to me and what my vision was. He helped bring SEXXY to life! He was also brilliant at offering different views and options, as he worked with me every step of the way and never gave up on me and truly made it easy for me to succeed and get to my final product. He was positive, intuitive and was always trying to find ways to make things work! He spent countless hours and time on this project and I feel I have a masterpiece that I am so very proud of. Doug is one-of-kind, and it was an honor and privilege to work with him. Cheers to our next adventure!”

Jennifer Romas, Creator/ Producer / Star of SEXXY at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

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