Paulette: The Great Impression

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Douglas was hired by Paulette and David Rockir as a graphic designer / creative consultant for their show, “Paulette: The Great Impression” at Silverton Casino Hotel Las Vegas.

The first phase of the project was to work with Paulette to develop the name and tagline for her show at the Silverton Casino. I came up with a play on the words “the great depression,” to call the show, “The Great Impression.” Then, to let the customers know what the show was about in as few words as possible, created the tagline, “1,000 iconic singing voices.”

Phase two was to create the look for the poster. So people would be able to know in a glance that Paulette was an impressionist, featuring numerous characters in various costumes. The final design decided on was to have Paulette holding a 33 vinyl record, like a waitress holding a tray, with the various characters she impersonates in costume sitting and standing on the record. Paulette went to the premier photographer in Arizona, Jordyn Vixie, for the main image of her holding the record and six (6) distinct characters in full costume that she impersonates in her show. After picking fonts, colors, starry background, combining the main image with the characters, as well as, the name of the show, tagline, day and time, and Silverton Casino logo.

The poster design had a vertical orientation, but then a horizontal orientation design needed to be created as well. This horizontal design would feature the costume characters more prominently, along with the title of the show, tagline, day, time, and casino logo.

On the day of the show, worked with Paulette and her team to create the stage look / set for the show. This consisted of multiple band risers on stage, at various levels, to give the stage depth, as well as, utilizing props and costumes that Paulette brought to create a “scene” on stage.

Paulette Rockir, star of Paulette:

”I think you did a tremendous job! Your creativity and ideas just came together in all the marketing materials. Seriously, the poster is just gorgeous and exciting.

You’ve made me and “the look” of our show appear great and we’re all ecstatic. You have done a fabulous job and we’ve been honored that you took our project on”

Paulette Rockir, star of Paulette: The Great Impression

Graphic Design

Paulette: The Great Impression