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Douglas was hired by Adam Steck (CEO of SPI Entertainment) as the casting director for the concert series Rocktellz and Cocktails presents Meat Loaf at Planet Hollywood.After the opening three songs of the show, Meat Loaf was downstage talking about how this show is not going to be a cirque / circus type fiasco, with fire eaters, tumblers, jugglers, or clowns. As Meat Load says each particular “act” that will not be in the show, upstage going across the stage from one side to the other, the acts parade across showcasing their individual talents, while Meat Loaf is unaware that this is happening. The final gag is the classic clown gag where one clown tosses water from a bucket on another clown. Meat catches the clowns performing their shenanigans and grabs a bucket of water from one clown, while sending both clowns off stage for causing a mess. As Meat proceeds downstage, continuing to talk about the format of his show, he trips and throws confetti out or the water bucket all over the audience.

Douglas was in charge of finding all of these specialty acts. The acts included a fire eater, a male and female tumbler, a meat cleaver juggler, a clown on stilts, and two clowns for the water bucket gag. Not only were these acts hired, but there were back-up performers hired almost for each act. Douglas was in charge of scheduling the auditions, both on property and off site, for the specialty acts, was in charge of writing their contracts, and putting together weekly budgets for the rehearsal period as well as for the length of the run.

Having lived in Las Vegas for over ten years, and knowing many people in town, Douglas hired Terri Smith to be the wardrobe assistant/dresser. Here responsibilities included sourcing and building piece for the dancer’s three main looks in the show. Douglas also helped with the hiring of the female dancers of the show, as well as dealing with their contracts as well as weekly budgets for the rehearsal period as well as for the length of the run.

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