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Douglas was hired by Adam Steck (CEO of SPI Entertainment) as the magic consultant for the concert series Rocktellz and Cocktails presents The Jacksons at Planet Hollywood. Douglas worked directly with Marlon Jackson of Vabritmar Entertainment and Lawrence “Filet” Mignogna, the Jacksons Production Manager in creating two new production pieces for the Jacksons show. After the initial concepts were discussed, Douglas worked closely with Tim Clothier of Illusion Projects and his design team to develop the look of the props as well as oversee the construction, delivery, and installation of the two illusions.The first illusion was designed to give The Jacksons a cool way to appear on stage. Previously they had been walking out on stage for the start of their touring show. Douglas created The Frame Appearance, which was a way for the four Jacksons to appear center stage in dramatic fashion. After a video montage opening, a large metal frame descends down and lands on the top of a 4ft tall by 12ft wide staircase. Next, four jackets lower in and stop above the frame. Inside the frame there is a montage of old black and white pictures of the Jacksons through the years. Then the inner frame with the montage printed on the screen rotates in place 180 degrees. The four jackets lower behind the frame and screen and the audience realize that the four jackets were hanging from a large light up sign of The Jacksons logo. There are hits in the music, and a single back light turns on to reveal The Jacksons silhouetted behind the screen. The frame and screen flies out to reveal The Jacksons standing there in the four jackets that lowered in. The four Jacksons, similar to their successful 1984 Victory Tour, dramatically walk down the set of center stairs that light up as each step is touched.

The second illusion that was created was based on a concept that Marlon Jackson had where the four brothers could do a dance move in the air. During the song, “Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)” the Jacksons would do a dramatic freeze, and then levitate into the air and do their signature point move. Several factors were considered going into the final design. The apparatus had to hold 1,000 pounds, be safe enough for four celebrities to stand on, as well as have minimal movement on, be hidden on stage behind the set the entire show, and to have them rise up without the use of the brothers wearing harnesses and wires. The eventual design was the Cloud Levitation. The Jackson brother during their final song would climb up to the top of the center staircase and get on a thin platform that rested directly on top of the step unit. Once the Jacksons froze, the platform would start to smoke, and then the “cloud” they were standing on would rise. When the cloud reached its maximum height, the Jacksons would do their signature point move in the air, approximately 9 ft off the stage. Then the cloud would descend and land on the top of the stairs, and then Jackson could immediately walk off the cloud and down the stairs to finish out the show.

As part of the Frame Appearance, Douglas supervised the construction, delivery, and installation of The Jacksons sign. The sign was created to hang the four opening jackets from as well as to be flown in later in the show during The Jacksons medley of their earliest hits including “I Want You Back” and “ABC.”

Frame Appearance

Cloud Levitation

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