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Douglas “LEFTY” Leferovich – Don’t Blink: Kiss Trick

Don’t Blink takes viewers inside the world of underground street magicians as they mesmerize onlookers, including stars from favorite films and television shows. This half-hour docuseries features some of the greatest masters of magic in the world–experts who have perfected the nuanced art of sleight of hand and understand what it takes to wow their…

Lefty’s Incredible Hat Trick

You might know him in the world of magic as “Lefty” or as the “Red Gamester.” You might know him in the broader world of show business as an entrepreneurial nightclub executive or as a show consultant for the likes of Wayne Newton, Steve Wyrick, or Meatloaf. What you should also know is that in reality he’s the unflappable, enigmatic, and versatile Douglas Leferovich, who wears many different hats.

Lefty’s Incredible Hat Trick – Magic Magazine

Douglas Leferovich. Lefty. The Red Gamester. All three are actually the same person – one man who is a magician, producer, consultant, nightclub proprietor, creative director, and wearer of various other hats.

Doug Leferovich – Wizard of Ahh’s

Over the past five years, Douglas Leferovich has made quite a name for himself with producers and shows here in Las Vegas. 

Leferovich has been a consultant and go-to-guy for a vast variety of live shows here on the Las Vegas Strip.

Doug Leferovich – Wizard of Ahh’s – STRIPLV May 2015

Doug Leferovich – Wizard of Ahh’s Doug Leferovich is the show consultant that has been the go-to-guy over the past five years, making quite a name for himself with producers and live productions here in Vegas for shows like Boyz II Men, Meat Loaf, The Jacksons, Human Nature, Wayne Newton, and of course Murray Sawchuck,…

United Service Organizations Inc. (USO) Show

On April 10, 2015, I had the pleasure and honor to be a part of the Freedom Friday Concert series for the USO. I was a real thrill to be performing in the Thunderbird hanger at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas.

Masters Of Illusion

Last week I traveled to Hollywood, CA to film multiple segments for the hit series on The CW, Masters of Illusion. I got to perform my signature card manipulation act, my paper balls over the head routine, as well as, be a part of a couple of spots during Murray: Celebrity Magician’s comedy magic routines.

The Morning Blend, Dec 2014

Murray and I are guests on The Morning Blend talk show in Las Vegas to talk about our new show at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

The new show is in the 300 seat Sin City Theater at Planet Hollywood. Our neighbors at Planet Hollywood are superstar ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and pop princess Britney Spears.

Muckleshoot Casino in Washington State With Mark Bennick

I just returned from Muckleshoot Casino in Washington State. I was hired by Mark Bennick to be the guest act in his full evening illusion show, as well as being hired as lighting designer and stage manager. In this 60 minute evening show, I performed two acts, my signature card manipulation routine and my floating silver ball routine. We performed three shows, one per day at 7pm, November 6 – 8, 2014.

Travel Weekly Magazine: BEST CLOSE-UP MAGIC: Murray Celebrity Magician

Comedy magician Murray SawChuck and his sidekick Lefty do amazing close-up tricks that take years to master and are no less thrilling than making showgirls disappear. His afternoon show at the Tropicana’s Laugh Factory is rounded out with some impressive illusions and funny shtick.

Lefty performs Paper Balls Over the Head

This is a fun routine that involves my character LEFTY and an unsuspecting volunteer from the audience. The main technique that I use in this routine is “misdirection” and how it can fool an audience member. Ironically, the volunteer is fooled throughout the routine, while the rest of the audience is in on the secret, as they can clearly see what is happening. And what “is” happening, is that I am throwing the paper balls over the volunteer’s head, again and again, without her noticing it.

Michael Turco – Magic Spade T-Shirt Design

This summer, Michael was headlining at Six Flags Magic Mountain with his illusion show “Magic & Mayhem.” The show, which ran three times daily, featured large-scale illusions as well as audience participation tricks. Since most of the audience were kids and teenagers, Michael wanted to have a cool and hip t-shirt that would say magic, but the design would be cool enough that even if you weren’t the biggest magic fan, you would still be a fan of the shirt.

Kalani Kokonuts – The Showgirl of Burlesque

Douglas was hired by Kalani Kokonuts to create a digital media kit that included an EPK, as well as a new sizzle reel. The challenge was to show the various routines, highlight the countries and cities around the world she has performed, and include accolades and quotes from the press. With so many gorgeous costumes and photos to chose from, it was hard make the EPK less than 50 pages!

Access Hollywood Live – Masters Of Illusion (CW)

On Wednesday, July 30th 2014, I consulted on Murray’s first appearance on Access Hollywood Live. Murray was on to promote his upcoming appearances on the CW’s new series, “Masters of Illusion.”
I spent time with the director going over camera angles and shot selection for Murray’s performance of the Bo Staff illusion.

What’s On Cover – Meet Mr. Personality

It was quite the thrill to walk into work at the Tropicana, and see myself, along with Murray and Chloe, on the cover of What’s On Magazine. The photos they selected for the cover and inside article were from two photo shoots that we had at the Neon Boneyard. The article focuses on Murray not only be a magician, but on his personality and his long career on reality TV.