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Penn Gazette Arts Blog – July 30, 2012

Douglas Leferovich C’94 makes magic at the Tropicana Las Vegas

What’s On Las Vegas

Lefty elicits laughs as a goofy stagehand character, creating moments reminiscent of silent film shenanigans and Charlie Chaplin comedy, which round out this stand out show.

STRIP Magazine Las Vegas

Douglas Leferovich, known in the show as “Lefty”, portrays a bumbling stagehand that does card tricks when he thinks Murray isn’t watching. It brings a warm and fuzzy feel to the show as “Lefty” imagines himself as the headlining star. – July 15. 2012

LEFTY: International Champion of Card Manipulation LEFTY is the bumbling sidekick stagehand in MURRAY ‘Celebrity Magician’ at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino. For most of the show you think he really is JUST a stagehand… until he picks up one card off the ground and you realize he’s been fooling you all along… he is…