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MUM Cover Story: Douglas ‘Lefty’ Leferovich

Douglas Leferovich has come a long way from the days when he and his brother Johnny would tag along to Parent Assembly meetings in Manhattan with their dad, John.
Doug, Johnny, and John formed a magic act — Magic by the 3Ls — and performed frequently for parties, company picnics, and other events. The experience of attending Assembly meetings and receiving feedback from more experienced magicians gave the budding conjurors an extra degree of knowledge, refinement, and depth.

Get ready for Late Night Magic with Douglas ‘Lefty’ Leferovich

Douglas Leferovich is best known in the role of “Lefty” in Murray SawChuck’s comedy and magic residency at the Laugh Factory at the Tropicana and he’s been working and performing with SawChuck for seven years. But the veteran magician, director and consultant has been working in Las Vegas for 18 years and has been incredibly busy as of late.

Magician Doug Leferovich, Guest Columnist for the LVRJ

Douglas LEFTY Leferovich steps in as guest columnist for celebrity reporter Robin Leach, in his weekly entertainment column featured in the Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper. Robin has dubbed Douglas Leferovich the “show doctor,” as Douglas does a lot of work behind the scenes form lighting design to creative director to graphic and video designer for shows up and down the Las Vegas Strip.

Lefty’s Incredible Hat Trick – Magic Magazine

Douglas Leferovich. Lefty. The Red Gamester. All three are actually the same person – one man who is a magician, producer, consultant, nightclub proprietor, creative director, and wearer of various other hats.

Doug Leferovich – Wizard of Ahh’s – STRIPLV May 2015

Doug Leferovich – Wizard of Ahh’s Doug Leferovich is the show consultant that has been the go-to-guy over the past five years, making quite a name for himself with producers and live productions here in Vegas for shows like Boyz II Men, Meat Loaf, The Jacksons, Human Nature, Wayne Newton, and of course Murray Sawchuck,…

Today in Las Vegas – Vegas Insider – May 9 2013

We caught up with Douglas “LEFTY” Leferovich, the special guest act in the “Murray: Celebrity Magician” show inside the Tropicana’s Laugh Factory to ask for some inside scoop on Las Vegas for our readers.

Las Vegas Sun – April 17 2013

‘Lefty’ sweeps up a list of skills for judicious magicians

Vegas Only Entertainment – June 14, 2012

Magic is a Mainstay for Comedic Sidekick Douglas Leferovich

Penn Gazette Arts Blog – July 30, 2012

Douglas Leferovich C’94 makes magic at the Tropicana Las Vegas

What’s On Las Vegas

Lefty elicits laughs as a goofy stagehand character, creating moments reminiscent of silent film shenanigans and Charlie Chaplin comedy, which round out this stand out show.

STRIP Magazine Las Vegas

Douglas Leferovich, known in the show as “Lefty”, portrays a bumbling stagehand that does card tricks when he thinks Murray isn’t watching. It brings a warm and fuzzy feel to the show as “Lefty” imagines himself as the headlining star. – July 15. 2012

LEFTY: International Champion of Card Manipulation LEFTY is the bumbling sidekick stagehand in MURRAY ‘Celebrity Magician’ at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino. For most of the show you think he really is JUST a stagehand… until he picks up one card off the ground and you realize he’s been fooling you all along… he is…