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Taking the show on the road! On Friday, November 1, 2013, the dark day of the MURRAY: Celebrity Magician show at the Tropicana, Murray, Chloe and I drove to LA to film the new hit talk show, The Garage with Jeff Sutphen. The entire show was dedicated to the three of us. We answered various questions about our diverse careers, played a game that is a staple of the show, “Confirm or Deny,” we each performed a magic trick with an object that we found laying around the garage, and we even competed in the 30 second one-handed cut challenge. Spoiler alert…Lefty took the crown, performing 18 one handed cuts in 30 seconds.

Jeff Sutphen has worked with the best on ABC’s 101 Ways To Leave A Game Show. Jeff has hosted BrainSurge, and Figure It Out, 2 hit shows for Nickelodeon. He’s been nominated for a Daytime Emmy and in the past 3 years Jeff has hosted over 200 episodes of television. So naturally the next step for him was to shoot a show from my garage for the Internet. Welcome to The Garage Show With Jeff Sutphen. Jeff is inviting Hollywood stars to hang out and talk show in his talk show, shot in his garage. The Garage show is unlike anything else out there.

The episode, 3 parts:

30 second one-handed cut challenge – bonus footage


Douglas has worked on many shows up and down the Las Vegas strip. He has worn many different hats, from being a creative director, lighting designer, set designer, and production / technical director having worked with Wayne Newton, Frank Marino, Human Nature, and Recycled Percussion to name a few.