The Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA

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For one week only, Murray shut down his Las Vegas show and brought it to the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. This private club is the most exclusive magic club in the world.

Normally, there are three magicians that headline the show in the Palace of Mystery, but for this special week, Murray and I split the bill.

Not only did I help Murray with various comedy gags throughout the show, but my character Lefty got to feature two spots in the show, my signature card manipulation routine and my floating ball routine.

The following photos include a look at my dressing room backstage at the Palace of Mystery, as well as video capture photos taken from a video that was shot of my two performance pieces during the show.

The Academy of Magical Arts, Inc., is a non-profit social order which is devoted to the advancement of magic. They are an organization which promotes the art of magic, encourages fellowship and maintains the highest ethical standards. They provide a friendly environment where members and their guests can enjoy the art and each other’s company.

Their goals and objectives are to advance the art and promote a positive image of magic and magicians worldwide. Members of The Academy of Magical Arts, Inc. are proud to be a part of an internationally recognized organization which develops new ways of stimulating interest in and promoting the art of magic, the most effective being its clubhouse, the most unique private club in the world: The Magic Castle located in Hollywood, CA is a nightclub for magicians and magic enthusiasts.

The Magic Castle is a private club, allowing entrance only to members and their guests though courtesy invitations that can be obtained by magicians visiting from out of town. A typical evening features several magic shows and historic displays, as well as a full service dining room and several bars in a night club atmosphere.

The Magic Castle is a performance venue, restaurant and private club. A typical evening features several magic and sometimes variety arts performances, as well as a full service dining room and several bars in a nightclub atmosphere. A dress code of formal party attire is strictly enforced. Entry is only allowed to members and their guests.

Famous magicians who have been regular performers at the Magic Castle include Mark Wilson, Jay Ose, Senator Crandall, Johnny Platt, Kuda Bux, and Billy McComb. Many “celebrity magic hobbyists” have also performed at the Magic Castle, including Cary Grant, Steve Martin, Johnny Carson, Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Alexander of Seinfeld.


Douglas has worked on many shows up and down the Las Vegas strip. He has worn many different hats, from being a creative director, lighting designer, set designer, and production / technical director having worked with Wayne Newton, Frank Marino, Human Nature, and Recycled Percussion to name a few.