Grizzly Bear Appearance – Hallmark Channel

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On Monday, March 11th, 2013, magician Murray SawChuck performed the largest illusion with a live animal on morning television. At this point, the illusion of Murray producing a 950 pound grizzle bear on TV is a dangerous trick that no other magician has ever before attempted on live TV. Co-hosts Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare were shocked and amazed but unharmed by their close encounter!

Bear appearance – © 2013 Crown Media-Alexx Henry Studios, Jeremy Lee.

I was hired as a magic consultant for this shoot. From rehearsals at the Randy Miller’s Predators in Action animal compound in Big Bear, CA, to the live shoot on the Home & Family set on the back lot of Universal Studios, CA, I was with Murray ever step of the way. The illusion was designed to be performed live, so the guests on set would be seeing exactly what the viewers at home saw. For the actual filming, I was in the TV control booth, where I sat with the director of the show to make sure the illusion was filmed with no camera edits or trick photography, and the viewing audience saw the grizzly bear appear in one continuous shot.

Live Shots on Location

Grizzly Bear Appearance - Hallmark Channel

Rehearsal in Big Bear, CA

Rehearsal in Big Bear, CA

The charismatic and wild haired magician Murray SawChuck is back with more feats of prestidigitation. Murray warms up with a few card tricks and even shows a few secrets so you can recreate the illusions at home. Then Murray conjures a MASSIVE, history-making trick that you’ll have to see to believe!
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