Extreme Escapes: Split Deck

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Extreme Escapes - LEFTY & MurrayEach one-hour episode of Extreme Escapes brings the shock, wonder and danger of escapology to television with astonishing performances by artists including America’s Got Talent contestant Spencer Horsman, Masters of Illusion LIVE! performer Farrell Dillon, Las Vegas Laugh Factory’s headlining comic magician Murray Sawchuck and his counterpart Jan Rouven and Hungarian escape artist David Merlini.

Extreme Escapes - LEFTY & MutrayIn Extreme Escapes top escape masters challenge the laws of physics in unbelievable stunts performed all around the world including magician Brandy LaPlante attempting to be the first woman to complete the insane car drop escape before being crushed and magician Michael Turco’s attempt at a mobster-style challenge where he’s shackled, put in cement shoes and tossed to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Other daring stunts attempted include illusionist Jonathan Pendragon putting himself in the line of fire for a dangerous and often deadly feat—attempting to catch a speeding bullet.

On this particular one episode, before Murray Sawchuck performs an escape from an elevator shaft, he brings me to Hollywood Blvd. to do some street magic for tourists. Since I am from New York, I did a lot of street magic back in the day.
Street magic is about demanding people’s attention and it has a “real” and “gritty” factor that is similar to escapes.

On this episode, Murray and I do a two person card trick, where we both have a spectator select a card. The finale is that they match, but not totally different than you might think.

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Douglas has worked on many shows up and down the Las Vegas strip. He has worn many different hats, from being a creative director, lighting designer, set designer, and production / technical director having worked with Wayne Newton, Frank Marino, Human Nature, and Recycled Percussion to name a few.